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Are you looking at a property or a piece of land and would like to understand development potential?

Our architects will provide you with a detailed appraisal of planning feasibility using local and national guidelines to analyse nearby successful planning applications of similar properties.

With this, we can work together to establish a realistic development scheme to suit your needs.

Typically back to you within 3-5 working days

What we do?      

We take in to consideration national and local constraints, nearby buildings, right to light issues, flood risks,

historic planning applications, local listings, parking, transport links, planning history,

nearby planning applications and local developments which offer the best precedents.

With this information we will build you a comprehensive report to understand whether this property can work for you.

We will look at local constraints which may effect your application.

Clients use our reports for the following

– looking at whether they can extend a property to get their dream home

– a pre application submission

– help value a property when looking at purchasing at auction

– estate agents to win instructions

– auctioneers to show buyers what can be achieved


We offer three different levels of service

SpecificationProperty Planning
Single Domestic
Pre-app Report
Up to 10 Units
Pre-app Report
10 Units +
Establish District CouncilYYY
Measure siteYYY
Measures existing building footprintYYY
Measures boundary to existing footprintYYY
Establish right to light issuesYYY
Gives local population statisticsYYY
Public transport accessibilityYYY
Highlights local schoolsYYY
Flood risk assessmentYYY
Checks local and national listing statusYYY
Greenbelt assessmentYYY
Assesses if in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)YYY
Checks standard building regulationsYYY
Reviews local and national planning constraintsYYY
Checks historic planning applications on the propertyYYY
Checks if there are any trees which would effect developmentYYY
Checks comparable local buildingsYYY
Gives comparable local planning applicationsYYY
Shows neighbouring precedents YYY
Check PTAL rating (where applicable)YY
Two types of massing study (less than 10 units)YY
CGI video walkthrough (standard)YY
Two types of massing study (more than 10 units)Y
CGI video walkthrough (advanced)Y

Ordering a Report

1. Outline an area or an address.

2. Fill out the application form

3. We will then build you a report that will give you an educated understanding of what is

likely to be considered for planning permission on the site.


A selection of reports we have completed

Bronze – aimed at domestic home owners and purchasers to ascertain what your neighbours have achieved and how.




Silver – aimed at house builders and developers looking to obtain planning for up to 10 units. A greater level of detail is taken to produce a silver report emphasising on precedents set locally and includes to design and present you with two massing studies with CGI videos showing you and the council how the development will sit within the site and surrounding buildings.

Gold – aimed at house builders and developers looking to obtain planning for more than 10 units. This report will include all of the above plus a CGI video to give a feel for the building in situ and to show its effect on the street scene and surroundings.

[same as silver but for developments of over 10 units]


Satisfied Customers

“We used MASS reports for a number of development sites which we were evaluating. This process gave us a quick and easy way to identify development opportunities which had real potential and which we could cast to the side. The reports were prompt and efficient and we highly recommend this service and will definitely be using this again.”

Matt Lenzie

West Street Capital - Silver and Gold report client

“My pre-app was my MASS Report and a cover letter and the council replied with a positive response to the first massing option. Will use every time I get an interesting site. I could hang my coat on their reports!”


Developer - Gold report client

“My report was great. Really informative and let me know what my neighbours had successfully done in their extensions. The service was quick and gave us the confidence to offer as we knew we could build our dream kitchen-diner!”

Anna G

Homebuyer, Hertfordshire - Bronze report client

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