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We find you the rules, regulations, comparables and precedents to show you what can feasibly built on the site

We find all the relevant policy, so you may concentrate on designing beautiful spaces


We explain planning potential to maximise an asset’s performance


We prove the realistic potential of a site to give lenders confidence

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  • Site Measurements
  • Property Statistics & Surroundings
  • Local Amenities
  • Planning Constraints
  • Relevant Policies
  • Comparable Applications

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The reports were prompt and efficient and we highly recommend this service and will definitely be using this again.”

Matt Lenzie

West Street Capital - Pre Application and Pre Application 10+ report client

My report was great. Really informative and let me know what my neighbours had successfully done in their extensions. The service was quick and gave us the confidence to offer as we knew we could build our dream kitchen-diner!

Anna G

Homebuyer, Hertfordshire - Planning policy report client

My pre-app was my MASS Report and a cover letter and the council replied with a positive response to the first massing option. Will use every time I get an interesting site. I could hang my coat on their reports!”


Developer - Pre Application 10+ report client



5 reasons why we love our Extension Report

THE PRICE - our Extension Reports are up to 90% cheaper than our competitors.THE "DRAW YOUR LAYOUT" FEATURE -  sketch your ideal layout directly onto the new floorplan. CGI's OF YOUR NEW SPACE - you can upgrade to get digital images of your finished...

Extension Report

For most people, the thought of extending their home is a great way to add much needed space and value. Yet the process can be daunting, timely and of course expensive (before you have even started the building!). We have spoken to one of our recent Extension Report...

MASS Reports could be saving you £££…

When MASS Reports started our aim was to streamline the planning feasibility practise and whilst doing this, we realised we could cut costs and timing right down. We have spent some time analysing customer feedback, reviewing information from architects and other...