“We used MASS reports for a number of development sites which we were evaluating. This process gave us a quick and easy way to identify development opportunities which had real potential and which we could cast to the side. The reports were prompt and efficient and we highly recommend this service and will definitely be using this again.”

Matt Lenzie

West Street Capital - Silver and Gold report client

“These guys are maximising computer generated information with a human element. Really informative, educated and most importantly relevant to the sites we have run reports.
Seriously impressive service.”
Daniel Clements

Datscha - Bronze and Gold report client

“My report was great. Really informative and let me know what my neighbours had successfully done in their extensions. The service was quick and gave us the confidence to offer as we knew we could build our dream kitchen-diner!”

Anna G

homebuyer, Hertfordshire - Bronze report client

“My pre-app was my MASS Report and a cover letter and the council replied with a positive response to the first massing option. Will use every time I get an interesting site. I could hang my coat on their reports!”

developer - Gold report client