Great News!

We’ve got the perfect report for your project:

Want to understand what development
you can achieve on the site?

  • Establishes District Council
  • Checks local and national planning constraints
  • Confirms local and national listing status
  • Gives comparable local planning applications
  • Meaures site
  • Measures existing building footprint
  • Measures boundary to existing footprint
  • Shows neighbouring precendents
  • Highlights neighbouring windows which might be effected
  • Checks comparable local buildings
  • Outlines local population statistics
  • Maps public transport accessibility
  • Maps local schools
  • Checks flood risk
  • Greenbelt status
  • Checks standard building regulations
  • Checks historic planning applications on the property
  • Checks if there are any trees which would affect development
  • Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status
  • Check PRAL rating (where applicable)
  • Provides proposed outline floorplans